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    2 issues per year

    Seasonally produced trend books including analysis of colour evolutionsand trend development broken down across 3 titlesActivate introduces and activates the season in more general ‘open brained’ colour statements. The Womens Pure andMens Pure colour books follow, these drill down to specific trends and range plays.

    The d.cipher team work on colour and trend prediction nearly two years ahead for the trend books and even further ahead for their bespoke clients. The books are a compilation of thoughts and ideas, focused into clear thinking compact groups of stories that reflect coming trends.

    The Trend Books are used by d.cipher clients to get the season rolling, it’s easier to make progress when you have somewhere to start from d.cipherfm create a balance between the ‘cutting edge’ and the commercial needs of their client base to formulate the seasonal trends. Our major strength is converting those hunches and factual data into brilliant colour palettes.

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  • Luminary

    Published: SS September/ AW March

    2 issues per year

    Luminary is hand made in the UK by Anna Starmer

    Published AW & SS offering colour trends, surface/material direction and lifestyle/consumer analysis.

    • 150 images on the cd / 90% of images shot by Anna Starmer

    • Technical colour and technical colour matching

    • Now with closest Pantone references

    Luminary is selling to leading brands around the world including John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Monsoon, Sainsburys, Victoria’s Secret, GAP, JCrew, Abercrombie and Fitch, Anthropologie, Home Outfitters

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  • Scout - Trend & Colour

    Published: AW MAY / SS NOV

    2 issues per year



    Be Prepared 

    It's not enough to know what's happening next season: you have to think ten steps ahead of the competition. Scout analyses lifestyle trends, pop culture, street and catwalk, for accurate forecasts.

    We Know Our Stuff

    With an international team of fashion professionals Scout offers on-the-spot global access to the latest trends, along with expert analysis and sharp editing.

    Scouts Honour

    We don't just forecast trends; we prove them at retail. This unique approach shows you trend development and key items that will actually sell.

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    Published: on line service

    2 issues per year

    We SCOUT the world for the latest developments in fashion and retail, then eit it with a fresh point of view.  What you get is a forecast that works for you.


    Scout is a thriving, cutting-edge trend forecasting and interpretation agency that works across six key areas: Colour, Fashion, Retail, merchandising, Accessories and Consumer Trends.  Thanks to a non-stop stream of intelligence via a network of international SCOUTS, we report on emerging trends as the are happening in cities like New York, Tokyo, Milan, London and Paris, from which we produce a unique range of seasonal Trend Reports.

    The Science of Forecasting

    SCOUT offers a unique perspective across all divisions of the fashion, including design, marketing and visual merchandising.  Reports are relevant, clear and concise.  Our strength is in the editing: we draw on our market intelligence and our SCOUTs around the world, examining trends and directions in fashion interiors, pop culture, street and retail.


    Armed with this critical information, our clients are constantly aware of which trends thet need to connect with and why, not to mention which ones work best with one another, and how to work with them into their range for maximum effect.....

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    Published: JAN / JULY

    2 issues per year

    Published:  February AW  /  July SS 

    “Color Intelligence” brings you megatrends, sociological texts, inspiring themed reports with exclusive photographs, and portraits of the latest talents. The report also looks at color through the lens of today’s zeitgeist and gives the reader 50 exclusive colors (on cotton swatches, yarns and plastic chips) and coordinating tints. The ultimate creative marketing reference takes a cross-discipline approach to analyze the season’s aesthetic signatures.


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    Published: JAN / JULY

    2 issues per year

    Published:  February and September

    This tool box for prints, interior design and color palettes is on target for every sector (fashion, home, lingerie, beachwear, packaging, paper goods, etc.) and all applications (prints, jacquards, laces, embroidery, packaging, etc.).

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    Published: February & September

    2 issues per year

    Published:  February / September 

    Here is a wealth of inspiration for tomorrow’s lifestyle and interior design markets – organized by season and illustrated with styles (prints, materials, shapes, finishings), and products (furnishings, textiles, tableware, lighting, accessories, gifts) with color palettes and coordinates.


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    2 issues per year

    Published:  Annually in December

    Forecast features 6 trend themes for the interior market that are beautifully visualised through many inspiring collages, emphasising clear styling and the atmosphere of colours, materials, prints and decorations.  These themes are based on international trends.


    Colours shows every theme accompanied by a carefully composed colour card, matching the themes.  A compatible list of Pantone cotton colours is also given.  Extra cotton skeins are available on request.


    Product Development contains more than 60 full colour pictures to clarify these themes even further giving buyers, designers and stylists inspiration and ideas for product development of their range.  Attention is given to weaves and prints for interior textiles, to tiles, glassware, plastics, paints and stains, ceramics, wallpaper borders, wickerwork, paper, small furniture, bathroom and kitchen utensils, cutlery and crockery, products for decoration and interior accessories etc.  The book may be also used as an important instrument to create a collection plan as all aspects are visualised.  The book will be a help for advertisement, visual merchandising and marketing departments too.

    An accompanying CDrom with a text in English takes you through the contents of the book.  A plastic tote is added to carry the book.

    Swatches The book contains more than 200 real swatches from weaves, prints, paper, glass, tiles, wood, metal, crystal, plexiglass, foam, rubber, vinyl, etc to some exclusive materials that are specially designed for the book.




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    Published: March

    1 issues per year

    Published:  March

    Get a Head Start on the Latest Color Trends PANTONE/VIEW HOME+INTERIORS 2017

    Color is the catalyst that can spark the sale, define the space and create the magic and the mood. When designing any product, knowing what colors to use is critical to your success. PANTONE offers a variety of trend forecasts for every design market giving you inspiration to make the right color choices seasons ahead of their time. Our detailed comprehensive forecast products offer seasonal inspiration for homewares, interiors and commercial design.  

    PANTONEVIEW home + interiors 2017 includes:

    Cotton swatch strips of each of the 74 forecasted colors

    ·         Detachable printed color card of each trend palette

    ·         PANTONE COLOR MANAGER software for digital design

    ·         CMYK values of each of the forecasted colors

    ·     DVD containing still images of photos used to illustrate individual trend palettes


    ·         Summary Page highlighting additional key color insights and direction

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