Trend forecast for the respectively four upcoming seasons concerning colours, materials, design and styling for women's wear, men' s wear and young fashion, including street and retail reports,

reports on merchandising, as well as analysis of consumer behaviour and its influence on fabric and fashion trends.

Bi-annual specials about colour and design trends for yarns and knitwear, Colour and design trends for yarns.


- Extensive and significant information source for the entire textile branch

- Distinctive, global trend information for the upcoming 4´four seasons

- Professional reports on fashion news, materials, colours, styling, textile print, design scene and lifestyle

- Street and culture reports from the fashion capitals of the world

- Analysed catwalk reports

- Permanent updates for the seasons

- Actual and short term fashion themes and highlights

- Own but internationally coordinated colour themes and trade fair colour cards with inspiring imagery

- Comprehensive overviews of the new collections by important manufacturers in the fields of yarns, fabrics, accessories, buttons and trimmings

- Key silhouettes and model sketches with detail descriptions

- more than 280 pages


View2 is a bi-annual trend forecast magazine dedicated to the world of casual, athleisure, sports and jeanswear for mens and womenswear, providing colour, materials, design and styling directions for the four upcoming seasons.
It is designed to fill an information gap helping manufacturers and retailers design, make and sell products the market really wants. In its form, quality and level of information, View2 mirrors its sister
publication Textile View, with features dedicated to global street style, key denim directions and current and future trends.


Viewpoint Colour is a unique magazine devoted to colour. Catering to all colour conscious industries, VIEWPOINT COLOUR provides visual inspiration, direction and a global perspective on colour from the world's leading colour experts. It is a sister magazine and the perfect complement to our highly successful, VIEWPOINT DESIGN*, dedicated to product innovation.


It's All About Colour!

Colour is the single most powerful communication tool, influencing 50% - 85% of ideas and product purchase decisions. With 80% of human experience filtered through the eyes, visual cues are vital in getting a message across.

Nothing does this better than the thoughtful use of colour. Pivotal in the design process and an essential element to a successful design strategy, colour should be considered from the moment the materials

are being developed and should be a conscious part of every level of decision making from the raw materials that go into the product to the packaging it leaves the store in.

VIEWPOINT COLOUR and your colour strategy.

We understand the costs and the complexity of colour decisions and we want to make your colour planning easier. Our goal is to supply you with the critical and actionable colour intelligence you need so you can make more effective colour decisions.

With a focus on what's really important, VIEWPOINT COLOUR will give you both a macro and local view on key colour stories, focusing on what's happening right now as well as what will be taking place three years from now.

It's visual and inspirational!

Explore and experience the work of major photographers, designers and global colour experts.

VIEWPOINT COLOUR is an aesthetically provocative, culturally relevant magazine focusing on the world of colour across all product and design industries on a global basis.

It's informative and educational!

Turn our visual inspiration into your ideas. At VIEWPOINT COLOUR, we provide you with clear and comprehensive colour direction, market validation, insights and analysis and the psychology behind a colour trend so that

we can make your colour planning easier.


• Colour News & Innovation

• The Design Context

• Colour Forecast (12-18 month)


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