Our trend books are seen as an essential tool by some of the world’s best brands and retailers, helping them make sound decisions about how to respond to future change.

The twice-yearly trend books are available as eBooks. These forecasting tools are essential for product designers and buyers working in the furnishing, textiles, decor, toy, games, transport, food, education, entertainment and fragrance industries.

Within each seasonal book you get 4 of the most commercial trends for the Home Interiors or Kids Lifestyle sector. Each trend includes 8 PANTONE® referenced colours, copyright free prints in vector format, directional material samples and a curated collection of inspirational product images from some of the world’s best niche brands and up-and-coming design talent.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Trend Bible work with inquisitive, recognised brands to predict the future of life at home.

Whether it’s social, cultural or taste-driven, our job is to find out which future trends will impact your business and help you capitalise on them. Our clients demand guaranteed competitive advantage from the trend analysis and interpretation we provide, so naturally we are very much results driven. Our clients tell us the impact of working with us can be evidenced in increased profits, market share, press coverage and footfall.

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Whilst we research a broad spectrum of industries and innovations in our forecasts, our trend books are an edited, distilled expression of a larger body of work that links to the home environment.

Home is the connecting factor to all the work we do. We spend every single day deciphering how householders will think, behave, consume and live in the future. In order to do this, we build a strong knowledge of households, and specifically, family life.

At the beginning of a new decade we see householders adopt a more optimistic and flexible mindset as they decorate their homes. Each season all four trends reveal surprising aspects at second glance; pared back styles incorporate quietly luxurious and intriguing tactile elements, whilst more elaborate designs are combined with contemporary shapes and colours to create a fresh look. Consumers enjoy making the most of the moment, which manifests in two ways this season; through calm yet subtly engaging interiors that seek to raise awareness for what is truly precious to us; and sophisticated colourful themes radiating a joyful and welcoming spirit. They provide comprehensive design direction for Home & Interiors products, across colour, shape, material, print and pattern, as well as PANTONE® TCX & Coated colour references.

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Our Baby & Kids Lifestyle trend books are now available for SS23 in eBook format.

Our forecasting publications are seen as an essential tool for product designers, developers and buyers. Providing clear design direction over two years ahead of the season, they help our clients to develop inspirational, commercially successful product ranges.

For our unique Baby & Kids Lifestyle forecasts we focus on powerful stories. So much of children’s lives are about telling stories, so it’s only natural that the products we choose to surround children with tell their own compelling tale.

Escaping from the everyday underpins all four Baby and Kid’s stories. Be it to the countryside, into the comfort of the home or looking up into the depths of space, taking time out to reconnect with both favoured pastimes and each other becomes key for parents and children. The pared back spaces we’ve become so used to seeing in previous seasons have been replaced with bedrooms that provide fun, comfort and warmth for little ones this Winter season.


  • A valuable tool providing comprehensive design direction for Baby & Kids products across colour, shape, material, print and pattern

  • 32 PANTONE® TCX  and Coated references.

  • Access to 300 high res copyright images for your reference, our quick Trend. A digital colour palette and copyright free original print vector artwork. 

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