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by Anna Starmer

Luminary is a book to inspire new ideas and ignite the imagination. Anna is passionate about getting designers and brands to think creatively. Luminary is packed full with Anna’s own photography and creative concepts, backed up with real market references.
Luminary offers a unique insight in to the world of a leading design consultant. Anna understands how designers need to use trend information. Luminary is a rare thing – inspiring and beautiful as well as informative and accurate.
·       6 seasonal colour/trend stories
·       Trend accurate palettes and harmonies
·       Key colours in each product category
·       Colour timing and usage
·       Fabric and material inspiration
·       Original inspirational photography by Anna


We believe that good design thinking can drive change, and courageous colour and material choices will determine better future product. A kinder and wiser approach to using colour will transform the way that we manufacture and produce goods, benefitting all living beings associated in this exchange.


There has never been a more important time to be a designer, these times require original ideas and creative innovation. Our work offers a hopeful future gaze, to inspire radical new design thinking.


We create the visual narratives, colour tools and original design intelligence that will drive your future product strategy.




showing colour usage, key and highlight colours and colour blocking for Clothing and Interiors


Highlighting the progress of colour trends over three consecutive seasons


Showing core and key colours for Active / Children / Intimate / LIfestyle / Womens and Mens trends

Luminary isn’t a standalone guide. It is an invitation to collaborate, to explore ideas together and to share your future season concepts with us. We can work with you to develop your stories, build your palette, style your brand and achieve your vision.

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