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Our new Macro report explores key themes for 2025 and beyond. In an age of Duality, consumers balance complex feelings and contradictory attitudes.

We explore 5 key themes, revealing how new ways of living thrive on contrast, global networks and experimentation.

This seasonal book showcases five key themes, featuring mood, colour palettes and harmonies, fabric and trim direction, curated print and pattern stories, original print collections, and suggested product focues to support your design and marketing directions for the season

Menswear Seasonal Packages Gain access to the season’s must-have intel with a subscription to our Menswear portal. Access our Menswear AW25/26 digital trend books, as well as key global catwalk and trade show reports. You'll also receive access to our stream of macro books, reports and updates.



JULY 2020

For SS22 the social, cultural and emotional drivers of trends in the home will be more important than ever. We began this forecast before the arrival of COVID-19 and the subsequent pandemic, but we’ve since revisited every aspect of this forecast, making sure the trend drivers, stories and colours all reflect the kind of world we will be living in by 2022. Whilst nobody could have predicted the pandemic or the dramatic impact it has had on our lives, what’s important now is that we understand its longer term impacts on the kind of messages, themes and products shoppers will be drawn towards. We’ve taken care to interrogate the social, economic and emotional impact of the pandemic, synthesizing this with critical issues of the day - such as sustainability, emotional wellbeing and inclusivity. The home itself now plays a much more important role in daily life. As such, the products with which we furnish our surroundings hold great power. As householders craft new post-pandemic behaviors, the home will need to function in a broader sense, accommodating home working and socialising but also providing a much needed place of safety. With that in mind, relationships and emotional wellbeing form the central theme of all of our trends this season, from our connection to the natural world, to the power of positivity, community and the importance of quiet design. If you’re not there already, welcome to the future.

                                                                          SS2022 REPORTS OUT NOW


Kidswear AW25/26 has arrived.........
The new book features five seasonal themes, illustrating the must-have items and details for the season across older and younger boy's and girl’s wear




Welcome to 2020, and what a year it will be, I feel many of us were more than happy to say goodbye to 2019, a challenging year for retailers.

I’m very happy to announce the latest AW21-22 reports are available……….. here is a short intro to each

Luminary Colour – Out of the Darkness

“Over the coming seasons, we must take time to pause, as only in stillness will we find the space to create our new path into the future. Take this time to reflect, gather your intentions, and turn inwards to find the true philosophy of your brand.  Use this slow time wisely, to gather in new insights and learnings and to extend your reach to like-minded communities and manufacturers.

Do not be afraid to take a step back from the fast pace of consumer demands, for this too is changing.  Listen to your brand community, connect to your own tribe through events and collaborations.  Colour is no longer driven by celebrity and catwalk.  Social platforms and technology are crating brace new forms of connectivity.

The word “trend” seems so outdated and empty of meaning – today our future directions must begin with social justice, the environment and politics in mind.  Ideas are not fast-paced or “seasonal”, new influences evolve into a way of life.  Colour and material choices we make today are grounded in sustainability and a vision of a new way of making, designing, living and consuming.

At Luminary we are creating stories which reflect the current mood and emotions of our consumers.   Colour decisions have never been so influenced by ethics or the emergency of our natural ecosphere.

Choose your colours wisely,  Listen to the earth speak"    Anna Starmer, Creative Director, Luminary Colour


THE FUTURE OF LIFE AT HOME IN YOUR HANDS. If it can be done in, or to, the home – we’re already tracking weak signs of upcoming shifts in taste and habit around the world. Whether it’s the future of eating, decorating, playing, celebrating, cleaning or bringing up children, we apply our experience and expertise to develop those signals into clear, strong and simple trend forecasts that are easy to implement. We provide brands, companies and designers with insight, strategy and preparation for what the future of life at home may hold. Some need inspiration to fire their next idea. Others want direction to develop a clear brief or support throughout the creative process. There are those who need to sense check a concept, unite their team behind an idea or on-board a key decision maker. Whatever your need, we’ll make sure you confidently stay ahead of the game to create commercially successful products which connect with future audiences and stay true to your brand. Welcome to Trend Bible AW21.22


       Please don’t hesitate to contact me to preview the reports………….


Hopefully you found our first newsletter interesting. So here we go with #2


Spring 20 NYFW was by far one of the best in recent years. The schedule was more concise and streamlined, which made for a stronger overall designer lineup. What's more is that collections were beaming with joy and optimism for the season; a welcome antidote to our current climate. While we can channel the positivity through trends like bright colors, several shows brought us immersive experiences that felt like real-life mood boards, forging a deeper connection and appreciation for the clothes. Another popular conversation was that of Americana, from ultra-commercial sportswear classics to immigration and multicultural backgrounds. Emotions ran high intentionally, which also lead into clothes that make us FEEL something, like a new sensual aesthetic that borrows from lounge and intimate apparel. Let's hope the feel-good vibes progress throughout fashion month and be sure to follow along as we uncover trends that will shape our industry.....Melissa Moylan VP Creative Director, Fashion Snoops

for more click here 

Self-expression and creativity have become status symbols for householders and we see an appetite for bold colour combinations on the rise. Radiating an unpretentious feeling, Mayfly (PANTONE 18-022 TCX)  is a wholesome green with grounding qualities, which connects us to nature. Driven by a shift towards warmer nuances, we see mossy olive tinged greens paired with milky and burnt orange shades and deep red for Autumn Winter 2020. As Millennial consumers like to blend influences from all over the world, this palette evokes the sights and scents of exotic travel. Plush velvets, terracotta and walnut wood complement these shades for the winter season.  Trend Bible  to read more click here

I'm very excited to announce the Australia & New Zealand launch of Fashion Snoops world Trend Immersion seminar series this coming November.

Our first E blast brought more interest than I could have hoped for, tickets selling fast for all three cities and such a positive reaction to the event. 

Please click this link to book if you haven't already

We've had a great response to the SS2021 Trend reports, so pleased to say some great new clients have come on board and  love what we have to have to offer.

So please email or call to make an appointment to view

  • Sydney - October 17 booked out

    • Sydney 18 & 21 I still have a couple time slots available

  • Auckland - November 19-20

  • Melbourne - ongoing

I hope your find this of interest and feel free to forward on to your colleagues and hope that you will join us at one of these events, thanks for reading and chat soon,  enjoy your day,  Sharon Rae

NB: images courtesy of Anna Starmer, Luminary Colour

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